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Spa bookings:

We recommend that you book your spa treatments in advance in order to avoid disappointment, especially when booking on a Saturday. Our Saturdays can be booked up 2 weeks in advance.


Guests are requested to arrive at the Spa a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the appointed time. Late arrival may mean that your treatment time is reduced or unable to be honored. Should you be expected to be late, please contact the spa reception earlier so that the appropriate adjustments can be made before your arrival at Oukolele Day Spa.


To ensure your safety and ours, please be sure to inform your therapist prior to your Spa treatment/s to any medical condition or contra-indications that you may have, to ensure each guest has a comfortable and memorable experience at Oukolele Day Spa.

Spa facilities:

The Spa facilities, which include a heated outside swimming pool surrounded by a relaxation garden, a steam room, and sauna are included free of charge for Spa and Hotel guests only. The Spa has male and female change rooms with lockers. The change rooms have showers for you to make use of after your treatment and body wash, conditioning shampoo and body lotion are provided. Hairdryers are also provided and there are electrical facilities for your own hot brushes or hair straighter.


We advise you not to wear any jewelry during your visit and to rather keep valuables safe in your locker. Your locker key should be kept with you at all times. Alternatively, leave your valuables at home as we are not responsible for any missing items.

Dress code:

Oukolele Day Spa is a unisex spa facility, a swimming costume is mandatory when using the pool, sauna and steam room facilities as the Spa operates on a strictly no-nudity policy. You may keep your underwear on for body treatments/massage or use the disposable underwear provided.

Soft voices, quiet minds:

To ensure that all guests benefit from the quiet and tranquil environment, we request that all areas are shared respectfully, as there are treatments taking place elsewhere in the Spa. Please refrain from using any mobile or cellular devices in the Spa; however, should you have your mobile phone with you, please make sure it is switched off. Throughout your Spa experience, please speak softly and enjoy the relaxing music.

Spa treatments:

This is your time to relax; if you do not want to be bothered with chit-chat please let the therapist know she must respect your silence. 
Do not be afraid to speak out and let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable, cold, or unhappy with the pressure of the treatment. Please note that all treatments are subject to therapist availability.


We encourage you to drink plenty of water before and after treatments to enhance the benefits. Water and herbal teas are available at the Spa. We recommend that alcohol is not consumed prior to having any treatment(s).

Spa prices:

All Spa treatment and retail prices are current at the time of distribution and are subject to revision without prior notice. Products purchased are not refundable. All prices are VAT inclusive and quoted in Namibian Dollars.

Special journeys:

We offer pre-made Spa Journeys to suit any of your needs. Please inquire at our Spa reception for further information. All spa journeys are pre-paid. Spa Journeys are not available on Saturdays.

Gift vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available from the Spa and can be issued for specific treatments or for a specific value. Gift vouchers are only redeemable at Oukolele Day Spa. The original gift voucher must be presented at an appointment in order to be honored. Please note that gift vouchers may not be redeemed for cash, are non-transferable and have an expiry date. Expired gift vouchers will not be accepted.

Age restriction:

Unless your child is receiving treatment, for their safety we ask that you not bring them with you to your appointment. Our clients receiving relaxing treatments need peace! The age restriction at the Spa is 16 years. Oukolele Day Spa has a pro-active approach to teenagers and advises parents/guardians to consult with the therapists regarding available treatments.


The Safari Hotel Group and Oukolele Day Spa and/or any of the spa`s therapists/consultants cannot accept responsibility for any adverse reactions, accidents or complications before, during, or after Spa treatments. Oukolele Day Spa is not liable for any theft, damage, loss or misfortune that may occur.

Cancellation policy:

As the availability of treatments at Oukolele Day Spa is limited due to high demand, guests who wish to cancel an appointment are requested to please give 24 hours` notice. In the event of a late cancellation, within 12 hours or less of the appointment time, Oukolele Day Spa Spas will levy a cancellation penalty of 50% of the cost of the appointment. In case of a `no-show`, the full cost of the appointment will be charged.

Group bookings:

All group reservations are pre-paid. The reservation will only be confirmed once payment is received. Should a group wish to cancel their booking, they are kindly requested to provide at least one weeks` notice or the full cost of the group booking will be charged. A `no-show` guest on the day from one of the group`s guests will result in the full cost of his/her treatment or journey being charged for.


Please understand that very rarely, and due to unforeseen circumstances scheduling circumstances, Oukolele Day Spa, may have no choice, but to reschedule your previously booked appointment(s). Please be assured that on such occasions we have exhausted all our other options. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs at your earliest convenience. In such cases, compensation for treatments or complementary treatments may not be offered as a substitute payment.


Showing appreciation/gratitude at the end of your treatment is appreciated but is at your full discretion. This can only be done at the front desk after your treatment and not in the treatment room.


We accept cash and all major credit cards. All gift vouchers purchase via EFT / online payment will only be issued once proof of payment has been received by Oukolele Day Spa.


A sterile and germ-free spa is our guarantee. We do not strain, re-use wax, and spatulas. For your safety, our implements are sterilized twice, first in a medical-grade disinfectant, and then under ultraviolet light to ensure 100% sterility. We maintain a smoke-free environment in and around the Wellness Centre and Spa surrounding areas.

Important reminder:

Please inform your therapist of any medical conditions, pregnancy or medications you are taking or any notable changes since your last treatment.

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